Customs & Compliance

Customs and related formalities forms an integral part of global supply chain which cannot be ignored. Regulatory compliance requires the correct preparation and completion of clearance procedures, as heavy penalties may be imposed if these procedures are not adhered to.

Charlie Freight is one of the leading Customs Clearing Service providers in India. Together with updated insight and more than 11 years of experience of rules & regulations of customs, clearing becomes even easier for our customers.

We help you speed up your export documents preparation for timely completion of appraisement and examination procedures and payments.

Our thorough dedication to provide our clients with effective as well as economical clearing services for both air & sea shipments comes from our team of competent professionals.

Thus Charlie Freight’s qualified workforce very efficiently arranges for the documents needed by the customs, transfers and receives shipments, scrutinizes the goods and lastly handles the cargo from airport and ICD’s to your warehouse within the shortest cycle time.
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